Call Tracking

Call Tracking for Determining Return On Investment

Are you looking for more calls, and better calls, and wondering if Call Tracking is the answer?  Home Remodeler SEO makes it easier than it has ever been to harness the power of a customer phone call to help grow your business. Where most businesses are still trying to track website clicks and translate that into new customer acquisition, our Home Remodeling clients are using Call Tracking to track, measure, and optimize customer calls just like analyzing clicks.


Call Tracking Insights

Does your Home Remodeling business mostly acquire new customers via phone calls? Wouldn’t you like to know better insights into each phone lead that you receive? Insights such as who called, when they called, who they spoke with at your front desk, or what type of service they need. With Live Monitoring and Real-Time Reporting, our analytics allow you to take control of your campaigns and track important insights, including:

  • the Source of the phone call
  • the Keyword used to find your website
  • the Time it took for your company to answer the call
  • how many Missed Calls you’re experiencing & patterns that may be developing
  • what Geographical Areas are you receiving most calls from
  • is Quality Control being employed to ensure proper phone handling
  • what Call Patterns do you see from hour to hour and day by day?

Let our Call Tracking insights help you build better business intelligence and improve your marketing performance.


Dynamic Number Insertion Call Tracking

Dynamic Number Insertion allows you to track multiple marketing campaigns and helps you determine which of your marketing campaigns and keywords is generating the highest Return On Investment. Dynamic Number Insertion works by swapping the phone number displayed on your website depending on the user visiting your website as well as what traffic source that visitor came from, whether that be Google search, Google Adwords, or any other number of lead sources. In this fashion, when a visitor arrives on your website, coding on your website detects the source of that visitor and swaps their phone number automatically so that you can track which sources are sending phone calls to your business. And each user will always see the same tracking number when they visit your site, thus ensuring that there is no confusion if a user visits your website by coming from another lead source. This means your brand stays consistent through every lead source, and tracking becomes a way to quantify your ROI.


Call Tracking for Return On Investment

Call tracking provides your business with the most valuable feedback and plenty of other insights that help you to determine what your Return On Investment is for different marketing campaigns. Knowing where your best leads are coming from, and what days or time of day are your peak calling blocks, will not only help you save time and resources, but it helps you maximize your marketing efforts for ultimate success. Call tracking can also help you ascertain reception staff effectiveness and proper call handling via the use of call recordings that help you gain insights on how your calls are being handled and at what rate your receptionists are converting phone calls into booked appointments.

Some Benefits of Call Tracking for Return On Investment

  • It saves you time and having inaccurate or lost date from your employees asking where a customer found you. When a customer says they found you “online”, does that mean they found you in organic search, did they click on a Google ad, or did they come from one of your directory sources?
  • Call recordings give you better insights as to how well your staff is handling inbound calls and whether more coaching is needed for better appointment and sales conversions?
  • Dynamic Call Tracking allows you to track multiple marketing campaigns and to track those campaigns at the keyword level.
  • Ultimately, Call Tracking gives you the insights necessary for determining what campaigns are working and which ones are not as effective, allowing you to make marketing changes based on real time data.

Call Tracking for your Home Remodeling business may be a new concept to you but it will soon become a part of every business that wants to accurately measure their inbound leads and quantify the success of their marketing campaigns. And success in your Home Remodeler digital marketing translates into more customers, more sales, and ultimately the bottom line revenue growth that is every business owner’s goal. Call us today to learn more about how Call Tracking can help your business grow.