Have You Started Using Social Media to Win Clients Yet?


Are you doing social media the “right” way?


Social media has become a visual platform, and businesses of all sizes are uniquely poised to reach a large number of people for little to no cost.


The mistake we see businesses in all industries make, not just home remodeling, is that they focus their social media channels about them and not about their audience.


For example, does your audience really care that you got new polo shirts for your team or that Sally in Accounting baked cookies last Tuesday? The harsh reality is that they don’t (even though we’re sure the cookies were delicious!), and a steady stream of posts about you will turn people off. The end result is that your Facebook page and Instagram account will have no engagement.


The way to win clients through social media is to start a conversation and make it about them, not you.


Types of Social Media Content That Attracts Clients


To illustrate what we mean, we put together a list of post ideas to inspire you to begin creating – and winning.




Is there something that your target audience could easily do themselves, but they could use some guidance? A tutorial video allows you to demonstrate your expertise while providing value in advance. When it’s time for this prospect to take on a project where they need a bonafide expert, you can bet that your business will be top of mind.


Knowledge Transfer


This concept is similar to a tutorial, but instead of a hands-on approach, you’ll be sharing information instead. One of the best ways to do this is to create a video or blog post of a commonly asked question. By answering a question that your prospect has, you’ve demonstrated that you understand their needs, goals, and frustrations. This instantly builds credibility and positions you as the go-to expert in your space.




Whether it’s a before and after picture, a time-lapse video of a project, or a home walkthrough video, people love to see transformations. Videos also tend to get more organic engagement on social media, and people tend to share them!




A home is often the biggest single investment a person makes in their lifetime, and they’re interested in protecting it. This means that they won’t let just anyone into their home. You can use social media as a platform to build credibility and brand awareness in your community over time. Posts that accomplish this include:


–                 Testimonials

–                 Stories about giving back to the community

–                 Sharing information about your process

–                 Showing you and your team, so prospects know you’re a real person and company

–                 Sharing pictures of your office space to give people context about how you work and your professionalism.


Which Social Media Platform Should You Use?


A mistake we often see is a business trying to be everywhere at once. This lack of focus will dilute your efforts and set you up for failure. We suggest choosing one or two platforms to start and expand as you gain a following. Facebook and Instagram have the most users, and their interface is ideally suited for the type of posts we’re recommending.


Where Do You Start?


Now that you know what you should be doing on social media to win clients, the next step is implementation. Staring at a blank calendar or screen can feel intimidating, but Home Remodeler SEO can help. Contact us/schedule for a free social media strategy call, and we’ll help you get started!