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Classic Remodeling NW is a Seattle-based Home Remodeling & Renovation company that also specializes in design/build projects. They serve the entire Washington state coastal region in and around Seattle, offering home remodeling and restoration across several communities. The President and Founder of the company, Ward Hampson, built his company on values such as Honesty, Integrity, and Ethics. The client relationship is what matters most to Ward and his award winning team, and they often go the extra mile to assure a project completed on time and on budget with 100% customer satisfaction. Its with these company values that Classic Remodeling NW has become one of the leading home remodeling companies in the Seattle area, with a glowing reputation to back up their expertise and experience.

When Ward and his team approached Home Remodeler SEO to help grow their brand online and to increase the amount of customer calls that they were getting, they were very knowledgeable in what they were trying to achieve and that previous marketing companies could not do for them. Read more below about the amazing results that Classic Remodeling NW is already achieving only 4 months into their new digital marketing campaign.


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More than a 400% Increase in Website Traffic in only 3 months!

"The early marketing results we're seeing have been amazing!"

When it comes to online marketing for contractors and remodelers, the core goal of any effective SEO campaign for contractors in many industries is to boost search rankings of your business. Where you feature on the results page can have a huge impact of how potential clients view your business as well as the number of calls that you receive from potential customers looking for your services. A high ranking in Google's search engine results pages (page one ranking) can convey brand credibility and authority, which in turn can instill confidence in potential customers that your business is worth checking out and having a consultation with.

SEO for contractors should be a major area of focus if you are serious about beating business competition and getting the lion's share of the phone calls from potential customers looking for your services. And the only way to beat business competition is to become a brand that enjoys robust visibility in local search results (SERPs). So, if your business shows up among top results for highly relevant keywords such as “remodeling company near me ” or “basement finishing + city”, it can drive search rankings for your business in Google Maps local results. Keyword ranking is however, just one aspect of SEO for contractors.

The results that you see here speak for themselves. At only 3 months into their SEO strategy, Classic Remodeling NW has been able to more than quadruple visitors to their website. With more online visibility and more website visitors comes more sales! Read more below...

"We just booked that Million Dollar community clubhouse project!

We're ecstatic, this is sure to be our biggest year ever!"

Website Performance Improvements Leads to over $1,500,000 in Revenue in 2 Months!

remodeler-and-contractor-seo-marketing-case-studyAs a small business general contractor or remodeling firm, you need to generate leads. There's no disputing that. But the problem is, it might not be your specialty.

This is where the expertise and experience of the Home Remodeler SEO team comes into play. To succeed online with your digital marketing, you not only have to have the background and expertise to drive high performance marketing campaigns, but you also have to have the knowledge and ability to track all of google's daily algorithm changes and be able to act upon them. That may mean small tweaks to your campaign and strategies, or that might mean making massive changes to your plan. And for clients like Classic Remodeling NW and many other remodelers and contractors that we work with, your goal is to drive profitability for your company, and the best way to do that is to leave the online marketing to the experts.

The solution for Classic Remodeling NW was to build an SEO plan that had these goals in mind:

  • Establish the client as an Authority in the niche of home remodeling, home additions, and custom design/build, helping them become a recognized and well-known brand in the communities that they serve.
  • Achieve page 1 results on Google for their new mobile responsive website for several targeted high value keywords centered around "home remodeling", "kitchen remodeling", "bathroom remodeling", and "room additions".
  • Enhance the overall website User Experience in order to maximize Conversion Rates and ultimately to book an ever increasing number of appointments with new customers that found their website online.

As with any SEO plan, the main focus is optimizing both 'On Site' SEO and 'Off Site' SEO. That is, focus on the website and proper SEO set-up, and then focusing on building Authority and Credibility for our client and their website through the use of back linking. One of the most important aspects of SEO is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). What this translates to is optimizing our client's website in order to increase conversions. Using tools like heat mapping and other strategies, we are able to look at the user behavior of visitors to our client's website and then determine what elements and calls to action (CTAs) that we can edit or implement in order to turn site visitors into customers who book an appointment with you. This is where significant impact can be made in terms of increasing website visitors and incoming phone calls, not to mention increasing our client's bottom line revenue. The results speak for themselves!

More than 400% Increase in Visits From New Users

New Visitors and Customers after only 3 months!

650% Increase in Incoming Phone Calls from New Clients

The Result of Effective SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization

Over $1,500,000 in New Revenue in only 2 Months!

The Result of Effective Search Engine Optimization

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"So we just recently started working with this company and can I just say that they truly blow me away with how on top of things they are. With every conversation I get an email back relaying what we just spoke about to make sure we were on the same page. Any time there is a question or one of us needs better clarification, its one easy phone call or email to get things taken care of. Very pleased with this company so far and hope it stays this way throughout our experience with you."

-- Rebecca Wagner, Marketing Director

Contractor & Remodeling Marketing Services - The People Make A Difference

Just like other remodeling company owners like you, Classic Remodeling NW operates a small business with the understanding that their customer interactions help to determine their company's overall success. That's why, when asked what they feel is the most helpful aspect of their Contractor Lead Generation program, the reply was "Besides all the customer lead opportunities that we can handle, the simple answer is the personal service that we receive on a monthly basis and attention to detail provided by our account representative at Home Remodeler SEO."
Rebecca Wagner, Marketing Director at Classic Remodeling NW

Classic Remodeling NW is a family owned & operated business. Since 1999, they have provided home remodeling & renovation services to homeowners in most of coastal Washington, including the entire metro Seattle area and many other surrounding communities. They have a 'best of class' A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as having won numerous local awards for their design innovation and quality craftsmanship. They also give back & support many noble causes & organizations within their community.

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