Online Directory Management


A powerful social media strategy can take your home remodeling business to the next level. After all, homeowners searching for remodeling services no longer look in the phone book. Instead, they do an online search, which means your digital presence needs to be strong  

We can keep your information accurate, target the services you offer, and direct customers your way.   

Benefits from online directory management to your remodeling business include 

  • Increasing your online presence 
  • Engaging with the specific audience that uses your services 
  • Reaching those customers searching for local remodeling 

Directory Aggregation 

When a potential client sees your company in a search, they will see that you offer many types of remodeling services. You do home remodels. You build decks. Your business is full-service remodeling. Therefore, knowing where to place your remodeling business information online can be confusing. Does it only belong under one of these categories or all of the above? Should you target homes of a certain size? We utilize directory aggregation to take your information, group it with like businesses, and distribute it across multiple platforms. This format broadens access to more customers while ensuring that they find the correct information.  


Citation Development   

A critical part of online media marketing is boosting the presence of your business mentions on various websites. When a site groups your remodeling service with related businesses, this positive association may bring new clients to your site. We will help you expand your digital footprint by partnering your business with other searches that can bring customers your way  


NAP Fraud Security  

Protecting your name, address, and phone number (NAP) from fraud is critical. When a customer searches for you, they should find the authentic business. We offer protection from NAP fraud so that only authorized users can access your information and no one else is defrauding you by using it  


Updating your name, address, and phone number across sites is another essential component to driving customers to your site. When your information is inaccurate in just one location, this can affect your business. We aim to keep that from happening with ongoing accuracy checks.  


Local Directories  

The online directory can be another crucial way that your remodeling business is grouped with like services. When a customer is searching for a "local remodeler near me," you want them to find your business first. We can improve your visibility to potential customers by ensuring that you show up in the local directories.   


Including a description of your business and the specific services you offer is another way that we expand your exposure. Starting with the big directories and working down to the smaller, niche directories allows your business to show up in diverse locations. Different niche locations translate into more exposure and paying customers.   


You know that customers are searching for your specific remodeling services and you want to reach them quickly. This is where an online directory management strategy can put your information into their "hands" through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.