What is SEO for Custom Home Builders?


Discover how to get your Custom Home Building or General Contractor business ranked on Page One of Google in today's market

SEO for custom home builders (search engine optimization) can be a highly effective strategy to build exposure for your business in the digital space. It is no longer enough to simply maintain a business website. “Build it and they will come” doesn’t apply to digital marketing!

Unless your website and other digital assets are optimized for search engines, driving traffic and generating leads for your business can be a huge challenge.

A structured and SEO optimized custom home builder website can attract Google’s search crawlers as well as potential clients and give your brand the kind of exposure it requires to beat market place competition.

So, if you want to get started with your own SEO for custom home builders’ strategy, we can help. Home Remodeler SEO can help you optimize your website, social pages and other digital assets to rank high on Google search results. To know more about SEO for home builders and general contractors contact us online or call 855-235-9140 to speak with us today!

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seo-marketing-for-custom-home-builders The core goal of any effective SEO campaign for custom home builders is to boost search rankings of your business. Where you feature on the results page can have a huge impact of how potential clients view your business as well as the number of calls that you receive from potential customers looking for your services. A high ranking on Google (page one ranking) can convey brand credibility, which in turn can instill confidence in potential clients that your business is worth checking out.

SEO for custom builders should be a major area of focus if you are serious about beating business competition. And the only way to beat business competition is to become a brand that enjoys robust visibility in local search results. So, if your business shows up among top results for highly relevant keywords such as “custom home builders in my area” or “custom home builders near me”, it can drive search ranking for your business in local results. Keyword raking is however, just one aspect of SEO for custom home builders. There are a number of other SEO factors that your website needs to focus on – by addressing the required search engine metrics, your potential to be discovered by “ready-to-convert” leads increases tremendously.

On Site Optimization - SEO for Your Custom Home Builder Website

On-site SEO optimization focuses on structuring your website in a way that makes it easy for search engines to discover your website and to categorize it based on how relevant your site is to search results. The following are key on-site SEO optimization techniques:

  • Keywords – The use of highly relevant and high traffic keywords is necessary for the simple reason that these words or phrases are what potential customers use when conducting a search for custom home builder services. The right keywords can incorporate services you provide, they could include a geographical location as well as type of work (commercial or residential) you offer.
  • Site optimization essentially makes it easier for users and search engines to navigate your site – this also makes it easier search engines to search for and classify your pages and content.
  • Populating your website with relevant and custom content (answers to popular user queries) can boost your search rankings because search engines categorize sites based on their relevance to search queries. Including relevant keywords in your content can boost the search potential of your content.
  • Use of analytics tool such as Google Analytics to analyze site data which includes assessing website traffic, ranking of keywords, and conversion rate among other metrics to understand how your website is performing on search engines.
  • Submitting a site map which features all your site pages and categorizes them based on relevance to search engines can again help in boosting search results.
  • Load Speed is again a critical factor when it comes to SEO. Users will not hesitate to move to other search results if your page takes too long to load. For this reason, page load speed can impact your search engine results page (SERP) ranking. It is also important to ensure that load speed is optimized for desktop and mobile.

Off Site SEO Optimization for Custom Home Builders

Off-site SEO essentially focuses on building relevant links for your custom home builder business. Linking to high ranking and authoritative pages that are most relevant to your business is a great way to build brand credibility. Authoritative links are viewed favorably by Google – so the more the better! At the same time it is important to ensure that dead links or bad links are removed from your pages since they can hurt your ranking. It is also important to make sure you list your site in relevant and high ranking directories since this makes it easier for users to find you and for search engines to rank your site.

Link Building is all about showing Google and other search engines that you are a relevant and credible Authority in your industry and in the areas you serve. And if you don't stand out as an authority in your industry, be assured that one of your competitors will.

Home Builder SEO - Tracking Your SEO Strategy

SEO-Marketing-for-Custom-Home-BuildersImplementing your SEO strategy is one thing – you also need to monitor and track all your efforts to understand the impact of what you are doing. For this reason, it is important to put in place an effective tracking system. Tracking systems let you best ascertain if you're getting a positive Return On Investment from your marketing investment.

Some of the tools we use to track and monitor a SEO strategy include call tracking, measurement of conversion rate, form tracking, monitoring website traffic, and tracking search engine rankings. We will then use this data to assess which strategies are delivering results and whether or not faltering strategies need to be tweaked or eliminated. It's this continued refinement of your digital marketing strategy that allows us to keep you one step ahead of the competition and to keep your company growing.

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