How Serious Are You About Your Contractor Digital Marketing?

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Do you still depend on traditional marketing to keep your contractor business in the game? Are you hesitant about using digital marketing within your overall contractor marketing strategy?  

If yes, then you just might be missing out on huge opportunities to grow and expand your contractor business among pools of potential customers.  

Traditional marketing is quickly ceding space to digital marketing. However, if you really want to stay relevant in today’s hyper competitive market, as well as establish brand dominance in oyur market, what you need is a robust contractor digital marketing strategy. 

Of course, mastering digital marketing is a near unsurmountable task for a business owner focused on building his contractor business. Not to mention, how difficult it can be to keep up with Google and the constant changes the search giant keeps making to its algorithms on a daily basis 

However, if you want to stay competitive and visible among potential target audiences, then digital marketing for your contractor business is the route that you must take for success in growing your company! 

Your Customers are Online – Where are you? 

The days of yellow pages and billboard advertising are long gone. Today customers are increasingly using digital platforms (websites, social media, online review sites, and blogs) to look for and connect with brands that they want to do business with. So, if your business is not online, how do you expect to connect with potential customers? 

If however, you are looking to expand your audience base, then you need to make contractor digital marketing a critical aspect of your overall business marketing strategy.  

Expand your Business Reach with Contractor Digital Marketing  

While a simple business website coupled with a social media account might be able to get you a few leads, if you really want to expand your business reach, then you need to dig your heels in deeper.  

You need to ensure that your digital assets are optimized for search both by search engines and by potential customers.  

Once your website, social media, and other online assets are optimized, you can expect to reap the benefits from within your local market(s). If you run multiple operations across different cities or even states, digital marketing with a few customizations can be effective for all your business locations.   

So not only can you effectively expand beyond your neighborhood, but you can do it cost-effectively. You can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars which you would have to otherwise spend on hiring a local marketing agency for every location that you run! 

Still wondering if contractor digital marketing is for you, then consider the following:  

  1. Internet marketing and lead generation for contractors is far more cost-effective compared to print or traditional marketing. 
  2. Your website and other digital assets can help establish brand credibility among customers – regardless of whether or not they have heard about your brand yet 
  3. You can connect and engage with a wider audience base and potential new customers easily – converting them becomes easier since they are aware of your business specializations as well as products and services. 
  4. Contractor digital marketing is fluid – if certain strategies are not giving you the desired results, you can tweak or eliminate those strategies easily. Something you cannot do easily with traditional or print advertising. 
  5. Building a brand presence online and achieving better search rankings results in more consistent revenue streams than relying on referrals alone.  

24/7 Visibility for your Contractor Business  

Your website, social media presence, and other digital assets can be accessed anytime and anywhere by potential customers. They can visit your website, or social media pages to look for services, or to look up information about new trends or common queries, or to even take positive action such as booking a consultation with your company 

So, they can make a buying decision without having to even wait for you – in other words, it could mean shorter sales cycles since a potential lead is already primed for conversion!  

Partnering with Home Improvement Marketing Experts! 

The advantages of a contractor digital marketing strategy are numerous. However, what is equally important is to partner with the right digital marketing agency – an online marketing expert with industry specific experience on planning and implementing an effective contractor marketing plan.  

Home Remodeler SEO is a leading digital marketing and SEO expert for contractor businesses. We can help you expand your digital footprint and help you connect with a wider base of potential customers. Our insight into industry trends and expertise with managing contractor digital marketing gives us the unique advantage of knowing which contractor marketing strategies will work best for your business.  

So, if you are looking for industry experts to lead your contractor marketing plan to success, get in touch with us today! 

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