Re-Targeting Campaign

When you own a remodeling business and people visit your site but leave with no purchase, you know you’ve probably lost any chances of converting that visitor into a customer. There is, however, an answer for those unprofitable drop-ins: re-targeting ads. Effective re-targeting can remind customers who you are, what you are selling, and why to buy from you.  


Through pop-up ads that show in related searches, our experts can once more put your brand in front of any customer looking for a remodeling service in your areaThis is a critical step in the engagement/purchase process because the more they engage with your remodeling service, the more likely they are to hire you.  

Re-Targeting Campaign  

Re-targeting is successful in several ways:  


  1. It analyzes how and which websites your targeted customer is browsing. 
  2. It sends ads for your service to other related pages. 
  3. It reminds the customer of what you have to offer and its benefits. 
  4. It redirects them back to your website. 
  5. It assesses how well the re-targeting ads are working for your business. 
  6. It increases conversion rates. 


Effective use of a re-targeting campaign minimizes dollars spent on those people who aren’t seeking a remodeling service (i.e., those who are “browsing”) and helps our team pursue those who are ready to act. 



When we have a clear idea of who is on your email list, our social media strategists can work to give them what they are seeking. Newsletters are opportunities to monetize your contacts list. Your newsletter imparts remodeling news and information while providing your customer an opportunity to gain something valuable. You just have to know what that something is. 


Re-targeting ads help us figure out who is visiting your site and what they want so that we can capitalize on their interest in a newsletter. Another important factor is the frequency of your informational emails. Know that every time you send an email, your customer list is expecting something significantwhether its an offer, a discount, or an opportunity.  


Reaching your customers regularly builds brand awareness and an increased likelihood to buy. 

Accurate tools can reach your target demographic, evaluate how they interact with your website, and determine what converts a visitor into a customer 


Website Traffic 

Generally, more traffic to your website equals purchases, which equals more income. Tracking the visits to your site allows us to see where you are losing customers, giving us a chance to change tactics. 


We use website traffic to benefit your business in these ways: 


  • It allows us to manage the site based on accurate measurements. 
  • It provides relevant data about your site. 
  • It reveals trends that can bring positive adjustments to the site.  
  • It helps us understand bounce rate, conversion rate, and engagement. 


Website Visitors 

People who visit your website should feel like they know you and can trust you to enter their homes for remodeling services. Using testimonials, progress photos, and a clear vision of who you are can let us create a strong platform for your brand.  


We can draw visitors to your website with a carefully managed social media marketing plan to focus your online presence and convert to sales.