Ready to Partner With a Digital Marketing Agency? Don’t Make a Choice Without Asking These Questions

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Digital contractor marketing is critical if you want to stay relevant in today’s hyper competitive business space.  

But the million dollar question is this – how do you choose a digital marketing agency which is best suited to deliver on your contractor marketing expectations? 

To help you out of this confusion, we have listed out the following six questions that you absolutely must ask before making your selection.  

Can you describe the digital marketing process your agency will use to drive my contractor marketing? 

A precise question will elicit a precise response. So don’t waste your time asking about how – instead focus on the process, the solutions, and tools the agency has in its arsenal which will benefit your contractor marketing plan.  

Did the process work effectively for your own brand marketing? 

At one point every digital marketing agency would have had to go through a process of brand marketing as well. So, it’s only fair to ask if the process they recommended to you worked for them or not!  

Take it a step further and ask them about the kind of results their process delivered for them and what their own experience has taught them or helped them understand about digital marketing.  

Does your process have a proven track record with similar businesses? 

Digital marketing agencies work with clients from across industry types. So, it is important to know if a prospective digital agency has your industry-specific experience or not. If they have already worked with similar businesses as yours, it is a big plus.  

If, however, you are a first time client from the contracting industry, ask them about expertise of their team when it comes to different aspects of digital marketing.  

This includes questions on – website design and User Experience (UX), blog development and social media marketing, content writing, SEO marketing for contractors, and lead generation for contractors among others.  

If you are convinced to this point, then continue with the next questions. However, even if you are slightly doubtful, it is better to go with a digital marketing agency such as Home Remodeler SEO, which has experience working for similar businesses as yours. That’s all we work with, contractors and home improvement companies like yours. It’s what we do. 

How will you track and monitor the contractor marketing strategies to map its progress? 

There are a few important questions you should ask at this point. These include the following, 

  1. What are the benchmarks with your strategy?
  2. What kind of metrics and analytics do you use? 
  3. How often do you generate reports on the progress made towards critical benchmarks and metrics?
  4. What kind of adjustments or tweaks will you introduce to improve a strategy if the data proves the strategy is not effective?

Ensure you understand what is being said – so don’t shy away from asking them to explain their plans and processes in a manner that is easy for you to understand and grasp.  

When will I get to see the results? 

You are investing your hard earned money on your digital marketing for contractors initiative. Which means you have every right to expect results as promised. However, don’t make the mistake of falling for unrealistic goals and results.  

Yes, there a number of digital marketing agencies that promise you the stars only to let you down miserably somewhere along the way. 

The facts as they stand: 

  1. Inbound marketing takes time and effort. 
  2. In the first 6-8 months you should be able to see positive traction from your starting point on a monthly basis. 
  3. Afterthis period (between 12 – 24 months) you should be able to see compounding growth in traffic, contractor lead generation and conversion, as well as in customer acquisition.  

What will be the cost of implementing an effective digital marketing strategy for my contractor business? 

Inquire about the kind of costs and investment you will need to make to implement the campaign. Again, go with what sounds realistic as opposed to a figure that sounds lower than the current market rate. As we always end up figuring out, you typically get what you pay for. 

In addition, make sure you inquire about the return on investment (ROI) that your marketing is geared toward achieving, the deliverables involved throughout the process, as well as duration of the contract and contract extensions before signing the agreement. And then sit back in peace knowing that you’ve made a confident decision in the growth of your business. 


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