What is SEO for Remodelers?



Discover how to get your Remodeling or General Contractor business ranked on Page One of Google in today's market

SEO for Remodelers and Remodeling Companies, or Search Engine Optimization, can sound complicated – especially if you are not a party to the SEO landscape. And the fact that Google loves change, big or small when it comes to its search algorithms, adds to the complication.

The fact that these changes happen multiple times a year, typically around 400 per year, well, that's a lot to keep up with.

However, the fact is that you cannot afford to ignore SEO for your Remodeling Company. It is reported that 97% of consumers go online to search for the products or services that they’re looking for. And if you are still not convinced about the importance of SEO for Remodelers, then consider this – 97% of all website traffic is driven by search engines. Search Engines like Google & Bing, among others.

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So good or bad, you are part of the “SEO for Remodelers” ecosystem and the only way to beat the competition is to keep up with all your SEO initiatives. This includes not only on page SEO and Off page SEO for your remodeling or contracting business, but also paying attention to your online reputation, driving brand awareness via social media, as well as getting in front of your target audience using video and a more open and personable approach.

As a Home Remodeling company, you can no longer limit your business to word-of-mouth advertising or billboard advertisements. Your customers have moved online – their search for a remodeling service or even ideas on remodeling happen online. Which means your business needs greater visibility online.

The good news, however, is that with search engine optimization (SEO) for your remodeling company, you can do exactly that. To achieve greater visibility online, and to learn more about SEO for Remodelers, contact us online or call 855-235-9140 to speak with us today! We would love to book a Strategy Session with you in order to learn more about you and your business and if we might be a good fit to work together.


Why 'SEO for Remodelers' Should Matter to Your Remodeling Business

Remodeling companies have found SEO to be an effective way of ensuring that their business shows up in search results for relevant keywords that are specific to their industry and business, especially areas of expertise that stand out as high-end luxury design and construction.

So if a potential client were to carry out a search for remodelers or remodeling services in thier particular town, then you would want your business to show up in that search – more importantly, you would want your business to feature in the top results on Google. And if your business listing shows up there, featuring your company’s excellent reputation based on experience and expertise crafted over the years, then the chances of a potential client clicking on your website increase exponentially.

Why? Well, because it conveys to a potential client that you are active, reliable and ready to engage – it also conveys that you are a company with an active clientele speaking favorably about your company in various online and social media platforms. That client will now want to engage with your business; now when they do connect with you, you have an opportunity to connect that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. And let’s not even get started on the massive keyword search volume that exists for every city in America by consumers looking for remodeling services and home additions. This search volume aone is enough to let Remodeleres know that there are a massive amount of opportunities to serve more clients in oyur community.

But conversion does not happen only because your business has a high ranking or high visibility on Google. Conversion happens when a potential client visits your website and is able to access or is provided with information that is relevant to their needs and expectations. SEO can help you here.

The use of specific SEO factors to effectively structure your business website is necessary if you want to achieve the following:

  • Achieve a page-one organic ranking on Google for specific keywords that pull in the most amount of search traffic.
  • Expand your company’s local audience via SEO by optimizing your local listings and most importantly, your Google GMB listing.
  • Expand your audience base via search engines and using social media campaigns to get the word out about your business.
  • Drive the number of phone calls and qualified traffic to your website on a weekly basis.

Home Remodeler SEO - Best In Class for Top Performing SEO Campaigns

seo-marketing-for-contractors-and-remodelersHere’s our four-step ‘SEO for Remodelers” process for driving a successful SEO campaign.

SEO Audit

The first step begins with an SEO audit. We conduct SEO Audits via our Strategy Sessions, a one-on-one session with one of our business development specialists and the client in order to ascertain the current health of your website and online presence. At this stage, we collect information about your business, your competitors, and information pertaining to all your online real estate – including your current website, directory listings, video presence, and social media presence.

An audit of your online presence provides us with the necessary information required to help your business gain a competitive edge in the market. Based on the information gathered, we can craft a message(s) that connects your brand to your customers in a way that is highly relevant and organic. Understanding your target audience, your ideal Customer Avatar, is the key to providing engaging content and optimizing your conversion rate.

Once we have an idea of the direction your SEO campaign needs to move in, our SEO experts will plan and implement specific steps for a strategic SEO campaign. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Detailed analysis of your current digital assets and presence.
  • Selection of relevant and high traffic keywords for your website.
  • Website optimization which includes steps such as creating highly relevant titles, headers and content, use of relevant images, as well as title tags and meta descriptions among others, to boost your search rankings.

To structure your website to be user-friendly as well as mobile responsive thereby providing easy navigation of your website.

Implementation of the ‘SEO for Remodelers’ Proven Strategy

The implementation stage is when we get down to creating and structuring the content for your digital assets as well as work on any content additions/modifications that are necessary. Here's what you can expect:

  • Structuring of new pages, which includes optimizing headers, title tags, and meta descriptions with relevant and high traffic keywords.
  • Create highly relevant and searched content and images for your website, blog, and social media pages optimized with SEO elements and keywords for greater visibility and traction among your audience.
  • Creating content for back links, which includes items such as guest blog posts as well as directory listings.

How to Set in Place an Effective SEO Tracking System for Remodelers

The only way to ensure any ‘SEO for Remodelers’ campaign is right on track is by putting into place an effective tracking system that can measure the impact of the SEO campaign in order to quantify your Return On Investment.

It is important to track the impact of the campaign on your website’s search rankings, or if our SEO initiatives are driving web traffic with effective conversions and leading to overall positive impact on your brand marketing and ROI.

Tools used for tracking include:

  • Call tracking.
  • Tracking of search engine keyword rankings.
  • Measurement of conversion rate optimization.
  • Monitoring and measuring website traffic & user behavior.

Assessment of Tracking Data for Eliminating Failures and Repeating Successes

The core advantage of tracking data is to identify which strategies are working and what needs to be eliminated or stopped.

By carefully assessing all data metrics and parameters, it becomes easy to tweak SEO strategies or introduce necessary changes in keeping with the core goal of any SEO campaign for Remodelers – which is to boost search rankings and improve brand visibility among users.

SEO for Remodelers - 1st in Class when it comes to Delivering Results

Are you looking for an SEO Company to help take your remodeling business to the next level? If yes, Home Remodeler SEO can help you with all your SEO initiatives and improve your digital presence to get you ranking high on Google Organic Search and Google Maps. If you’re ready to get started today on SEO for Remodelers and Remodeling Companies and you’re prepared for growth, then let’s talk!

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