Top 7 Advantages of Using Social Marketing For Contractors

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If social is still not a part of your contractor marketing, then consider this: close to 90% of marketers say social marketing initiatives have helped drive exposure for their business while 75% say social has helped them in increasing traffic. (Source)

Regardless of the scale and scope of your contractor business, social can play a critical role in driving your contractor digital marketing strategy. Here are top 7 benefits of using social to boost your contractor marketing efforts.  

The Advantages of Social Media for Contractors 

Showcase Your Work Portfolio  

Social media is a great platform for showcasing your best and most successful projects. You can use pictures, text, and video to highlight your work portfolio and actively promote it among your target customer base and provide potential customers with insight into your expertise and style.  

Contractor Lead Generation 

Social can help boost your contractor lead generation. Populate your social pages with highly relevant content – it can help drive more inbound traffic which in turn can generate more leads and lead to conversions.  

It is equally important to engage with potential leads if you want to drive contractor lead generation – responding directly and in realtime to customer queries can boost audience engagement.  

If you are viewed as a brand that cares about what people are saying or are interested in, then it can help build confidence – enough for them to take a positive action.  

Greater Conversion Opportunities and Higher Conversion Rates 

Every bit of content that you put out which includes blog post, video, images, or comment can invite and encourage customers to react or respond and make them want to visit your site. It could even lead to a conversion!  

Furthermore, when compared to outbound marketing social offers a much higher lead-to-close rate. If you do the right things on social, the results will be delivered via improved lead generation and higher conversion rates! 

Use Audience Feedback to Improve your Contractor Brand  

People tend to speak their heart out on social. And while you may not always like what is being said, comments and feedback can provide you with insight into areas that need improvement. Audience comments, shares, likes, can say a lot about how customers view your brand.   

Think of it as free advice from customers and use it wisely to build on your brand reputation. 

Provide Information that is Highly Relevant to your Customers 

Given how an increasing number of customers use social sites to engage with brands, it important that you understand what your customers are asking or looking for and iterate accordingly.  

Integrating website analytics and tracking social media monthly insights can help you generate the right kind of information which will set you apart from the competition and keep you relevant in the market. 

Reduced Marketing Costs 

One of the biggest advantages of using social is that it offers you a cost-effective medium to build traction for your brand among target audiences. You can set your budgets in advance and based on the kind of results your social marketing provides, you can then ramp up your budget as and when you feel the need.   

Improve Your Search Rankings 

A brand that is active on social can indicate to search engines a sense of trust and brand credibility.  

Although social cannot directly impact your search rankings, using social can help improve your search engine rankings since search engines will consider the social authority of users as well as the number of followers when allocating weight in search engine ranking pages.  

Ace your Contractor Social Marketing with Home Remodeler SEO! 

If you want to stay competitive and relevant in your market, then you need to make social media marketing a priority aspect of your overall contractor marketing strategy. If done correctly, social media can help your contractor business gain more customers, boost traffic, and lead to higher conversions. 

What is clear is that social is here to stay. So, if you want to ace your contractor social marketing we can help. Contact us today to get started! 


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