Welcome to the Home Remodeler SEO Family!
This is the information we need to make sure we have access to all the necessary information and to streamline your new Website development. Please let us know if you have any questions at or contact your account manager directly.
  • example: M-F 8 - 5 Sat 9-3
  • What Number & email do you want people to call for sales, and support?
  • Drop files here or
    Please provide any company images you would like us to use on your website. Note: We provide premium stock photos from deposits photo included or you can email the images to us @ and
  • Clearly, answer "Who I am," and "What I do for my clients" The goal here is to figure our primary CTA or Call To Action
  • We will need admin access to the following. The website, google analytics, domain registrar & current website hosting. You can provide the passwords here or add as an admin to each property
  • This can be the same as #1 above: How are you different, or how is your offer different or "unique" and what sets you apart from your competition. See:
  • Example of good described benefit: "Our new battery means you only need to charge you phone every couple of days”
  • List 3 to 5 of your top services.
  • Describe something your area is well known for, could be local landmark or maybe a phrase that locals use to describe an area. feel free to list more than one.
  • Describe something your area is well known for, could be local landmark or maybe a phrase that locals use to describe an area. feel free to list more than one.
  • If all were mentioned in #4 just place a N/A in the answer field
  • Trust elements are: a) any client reviews b) awards you have received Local or National c) Honorable Mentions
  • Used for brand recognition
  • This could be a City, State, Zip, County, Township and, or Subdivision
  • Please provide any social media links you want to be added to your webiste.
  • We will use gravity forms to collect monies for the gift card page. This is typically done through Paypal, Stripe or Please list your preferred provider and our access. Note: PayPal is most popular in that case all we need is your PayPal email address.
  • We will allow you to add any reviews as needed manually, however, if you are you using any kind of review tools like QDS or Birds Eye we can add the widget to pre-populate and will need access the account. Please notw how you would like to use the reviews page and provide access if needed.
  • Please review the following page Provide us with an image, and a brief summary for yourself as an owner and each team member you want to display. You can leave the images alone and we will add characters accordingly in place of images.
  • We add location pages, to help target services areas outside of your primary service location. These are typically used for Search Engine Optimization purposes and help bring traffic in when people search "house cleaning in (city)" or similar terms. Example: Please list all your additional services areas below.
  • Please list the questions you most frequently receive and the answers to them here.
  • Please list any benefits, and qualites that you want displayed on your employee application page
  • Please provide a detailed list of each type of service you provide as well as any items you want to specifically exclude.
  • Please provide a list of fields you would like to have on your quote request form. example:
  • We use gravity forms, who integrates with all major 3rd party software companies including zapier. When a form is completed we can transfer the data to any CRM or Booking Software that allows this form of Integration. Please lets us know how you would like to recieve the fomr fills and provide access if needed.