Why You Should Claim Your Contractor Business Online Listings

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Customers today use the internet to find answers to common queries, information, and ideas as well as to make purchases.  

Which is why contractor businesses are so focused on building a robust online presence for their brand. And of course, it goes without saying that contractor businesses with a strong digital presence are the ones that do well.  

One of the most effective ways of expanding your contractor business digital footprint and getting in front of your target audience base is by claiming your online listings.  

Top 5 Advantages of Claiming Your Online Listings 

Some of the most common online listing sites for home improvement contractor businesses include – Google My Business, Facebook business page, Yelp, Twitter, Home Advisor, Better Business Bureau, LinkedIn, Angie’s list, and Yellow pages.  

Here are five advantages of claiming your business listings.  

  1. Helps in ensuring that information about your business is correct. 
  2. Drives exposure for your contractor business among search engines and in local searches. 
  3. Customers can easily access important information such as name, address, phone (NAP), photos, reviews, and directions to your office. 
  4. Helps in linking your website with your Google Maps listing. 
  5. Gives you a competitive advantage in your market over other businesses that might not have claimed their online business listings. 

Why You need to Claim Your Online Business Listings Today 

Online listing sites provide NAP information as well as other information on hours of operation, reviews, and website URL. However, if you don’t claim your online listings or don’t update the information for your business displayed, then it could lead to inaccurate or missing information about your business.  

Now when users visit these local directories and your information is inaccurate, it can drive them straight to your competitor’s doors! For this reason, it is important for contractor businesses to claim their listings and then to either correct or update their business information.  

3 Important Aspects of Claiming Your Local Business Listings 

As mentioned above, claiming your local business listings is crucial if you want to ensure that your business information is accurate and consistent everywhere that it appears. Here are three important things to consider when claiming your online listing.  

Start by Claiming and Correcting Your Business Information 

If you haven’t already claimed your local business listings, then do so as soon as possible. However, if you have already claimed your business listing, then the next crucial step is to ensure that your NAP information, as well as other information such as you website URL, hours of operation, photos, and any other information displayed is accurate.   

Keep in mind, that Google as well as other search engines will consider your business listing as legitimate and accurate.  

Include Other Relevant Information  

In addition to your NAP information, it is always best to include more information about your business in your listings. This could include information such as photos and hours of operation, solid descriptions about your business, as well as your business logo among other information which is specific to the directory.  

Ensure Your Contractor Business Listings are Always Updated and Accurate 

Google is big on credibility and the trust factor. But is equally particular about consistency. If you have been around long enough, chances are you might have made changes to your business name or moved to a different location or changed your business phone number. This can lead to inconsistencies in your business listings.  

You might have also added photos or any other additional information to your business listings over time which might not be relevant in the present day. Which is why it is important to constantly ensure that all your business information is updated and accurate at all times 

Home Remodeler SEO can Help Manage All your Contractor Business Listings! 

We understand that taking care of every aspect of your digital presence can be challenging – including keeping a track of and updating your contractor local business listings.  

Which is where we come in – we can help you manage your listings by ensuring your information in accurate and updated at all times across the leading listing platforms.  

So contact us today and we will help you claim and update your local business directory profiles for you! 

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